Chips with Everything



Browsing through the Dymchurch Parish records the other day I discovered an ancient script written on vellum , I managed to read the slightly faded handwriting which states;

 ” ye chippes muste be consumede wythe every plattere of foode that is servede in this village.”

I have proof that this bye-law (possibly from Saxon times) is still upheld with great enthusiasm in modern day Dymchurch.  The other day I ordered a portion of chips and was asked by the girl who was serving “do you want chips with that?”, I did a double take and then remembered that I was in the deep fried potato capital of the South East. Until recently only Margate challenged our village for this title.  Recently though with the advent of the Turner Contemporary Gallery,  Margate (or “TracyTown” as it is now more commonly known)  is becoming a haven for foodies and prices are rising.  In Dymchurch it’s always, “pile it high sell it cheap” so greater quantities are sold, thus preserving the villages’ reputation.


The “Eat More Chips” lorry

While I’m driving on the M20 I often see wagons with the edict, “Eat More Chips” emblazoned on the side in a big red script.   It’s funny but they always seem to turn off at the Dymchurch exit……


One thought on “Chips with Everything

  1. Will it be possible for me to use the chips image in my ICT work. This image will not promoted in any way. Please get back to me so I know if I can use it or not.
    Kind Regards

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