Wendy Carrig and Dymchurch Players

Good photography can be really exciting and thought-provoking. I came across a set of portrait pictures by professional photographer Wendy Carrig,   you can see her work at   http://www.wendycarrig.co.uk/

Wendy has made portraits of the cast of ‘Allo ‘Allo, recently staged by The Dymchurch Players. You can see the full set at http://www.dymchurchplayers.co.uk/

The Players are a very good amateur dramatic group, their performances at the Village Hall nearly always sell out. Everyone agreed their latest show was their best yet.

Wendy photographed the entire cast. Her pictures, like all good art,  have depth and can work on different levels.

The pictures are of the characters from the well-loved and familiar TV show as performed by the Dymchurch Players.  ‘Allo ‘Allo is well-loved and very British, innuendo abounds, there’s also an element of slapstick.

The photos are interesting because they are of a real person dressed as a representation of someone from the play, they are “in character”,  what you see is two potential personalities in one. Although fictional, they are also real people, most of whom are well-known in the local community.

The colours are also altered so each picture has a wistful, nostalgic feel, like a faded portrait on the mantelpiece, showing your grandparents, transporting your thoughts and imagination back to the 1940’s.   So what we have are serious pictures of comedy characters. There’s pathos and to me a hint of melancholy.


I was reminded of a famous painting by the French artist Antoine Watteau of a clown called Gilles, a comedy character looking isolated, pensive and slightly vulnerable, a feeling that is probably familiar to all actors at some time.


“Gilles” by Antoine Watteau


The Players will, by now, be turning their thoughts to their Christmas Pantomime. What remains of their previous show are Wendy Carrig’s  photographs, a permanent and moving reminder of a fantastic  production.

I’m hoping the pictures will eventually be exhibited locally,  where you can then see them, “ in the flesh” and form your own opinions!


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