I know Rye is over the border but…

Quite a few people in Dymchurch never leave the village (well, maybe a trip to Ashford at Christmas). However I would ask all residents who have an inclination towards the Arts to make the perilous journey to the picturesque town of Rye in the next few weeks.

The reason? Well I have to declare a  professional interest.   I have organised (“Curated” is the modern parlance) a nice exhibition at Rye Art Gallery called “The Art of the LInocut”.

Everyone who bothered to attend school  for any length of time will have had a go at this lovely form of printmaking. I suppose it’s the logical step upwards from Potato printing, the much-loved technique that is a mainstay for all primary school teachers. There’s something unpretentious and honest about lino printing.  Nowadays kids are probably not allowed near sharp tools, so it’s not as commonly taught as it used to be. The way Michael Gove is shaping up there soon won’t be any creative subjects taught in schools anyway.  What sort of world would we have without the Arts? And indeed what sort of economy. They just don’t see it do they?

Anyway, rant over. Back on topic.

Fizz by Richard Bawden linocut

Fizz by Richard Bawden

There are three printmakers involved in the exhibition; Paddy Hamilton who lives and works in Dungeness – http://paddyhamiltonstudios.blogspot.co.uk/ , Nick Morley from Margate http://linocutboy.com/ and Richard Bawden, son of the great artist Edward Bawden http://www.birchamgallery.co.uk/catalogue/artist/Richard:Bawden/

Also on show at the gallery is a terrific display of new work by legendary printmaker Norman Ackroyd RA. His beautiful atmospheric aquatints are an absolute joy to behold Here’s two clips of him at work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AD3xdj06Co and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3KkraeCK9k

For opening times (it’s absolutely free!) please refer to the Gallery website http://www.ryeartgallery.co.uk/  you can also follow on Twitter  @theryeart


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