The Seawall in Miniature

The Queens Dolls House or Queen Mary’s Dolls House to be more accurate, was completed in 1924 for the wife of George V.  An incredible project, the house was intended to showcase all the finest and most modern goods of the period – in miniature. The house, which still can be seen at Windsor Castle, was originally shown at the British Empire Exhibition in 1924-5.Have a look at the QDH website which shows the extent of the project.


Queens Dolls House – The Book

The house was designed by Edward Lutyens and works of art were contributed by leading painters of the day were asked to contribute including , William Nicholson, Adrian Stokes, Laura Knight and Edmund Dulac.  Paul Nash was also amongst the elite group asked to take part .

At this time Nash and his wife Margaret were staying at Pantiles Cottage on the Hythe Road.  The Dymchurch Seawall was uppermost in the artist’s mind when it came to subject matter.  Nash had begun producing dozens of pictures of the Wall, using a variety of media, from Oils and Watercolours to woodcuts and lithographs.

Dymchurch Wall -in miniature

The invitation to produce a miniature version of his current obsession was too good to miss. Nash sat down in his little cottage studio and made a tiny picture in watercolour and ink. The exquisite little painting showed the Dymchurch Seawall and measured 2.7cm x1.6cm (just over 1″ x1 1.5″ ) .

Whether we should have to pay to view our own heritage is debatable. It’s expensive (£17 for an Adult) to visit Windsor Castle, just to see Nash’s picture. However, I’m told there are quite a lot of other things worth looking at while you are there.


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