Back to Normal Again!

We’re having great weather here – so it must be late September. There is no better place than the Romney Marsh in early Autumn – well, some people would probably argue with that, but at this time there’s a special quality to this little corner of the South East. Maybe it’s because all  the the thousands of visitors have left and returned to Walford, or similar places, I don’t know.

Whatever the reason it means we can go out on our bikes and meander about the Marsh in peace and safety, without fear of  large black BMW ‘s appearing at high speed on the wrong side of the road. It’s time to appreciate the tranquility and peacefulness of this beautiful part of the world.

No matter how industrialised farming has become, there’s still something that gives you an inner glow at harvest time.

Agricultural Multi Functional Transportation Unit

Last week the farmers pretty well finished the harvesting, so the gigantic John Deere tractors have also vanished from the lanes to a great extent. Its amazing how much bigger tractors are now. I have noticed that there have been a lot more bales of hay in the fields this year. I have it from a good farming source that it’s been an excellent year for hay, unlike in alot of the more wetter parts of the country.

Proper Tractor

It would appear the cylindrical style bales are very “last year” now and a more retro box- like shape is “de rigeur”.  We were out blackberrying the other day and saw three large Hungarian trucks loading up with bales at the farm up Eastbridge Road. The squarish shaped bales fitted perfectly into the wagons. Apparently we are exporting hay to eastern Europe. How strange is that? Have a look at this if you’re a hay anorak (you know who you are)

Hay ready for export

Very “last year” style of bales

Back on the subject of hedgerow foraging, the Sloes which normally hang in great numbers from the Blackthorn hedges are in short supply this year. It’s going to be a struggle to harvest enough to make a decent bottle of Sloe Gin.

This summer seems to have passed really quickly, my mind is increasingly occupied with planning lessons for my Art History classes. These start  at Hythe and Dymchurch in early October.

Meanwhile in the skies above Dymchurch we have, in the last few days, had the recurring sight of a Spitfire aeroplane flanked by two helicopters. This odd threesome make their way back and forward across the Marsh around fifteen times a day. Apparently you can pay (£400?) to go in the helicopters and watch while the Spitfire carries out manouvres a la Battle of Britain ( fortunately no Luftwaffe about) At first the sight of this iconic WW2 plane in the skies above Dymchurch, was an exciting thing to witness.  It’s getting a bit tedious now. So can we have a Lancaster or a Wellington, just for a change?

As I write, the little trains on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch railway continue to trundle by . When they stop running for the season you know Christmas is not far away.

Roll on the Indian Summer.


6 thoughts on “Back to Normal Again!

  1. The JD aren’t carting grain now they’ve moved back into the fields getting it ready for next year it’s nearly all Autum planting now oil seed allready planted it desperately needs a good soak to get it going.Lots of straw goes from here toHolland,they bring wood shavings take straw back.Like you spitfire at first stand and watch 20 times later not again! few weeks ago the Lank did fly over right over head. What a sight. Could nearly see the pilot
    As for the train not a fan Santa Specials book now

  2. Just spent a very enjoyable hour reading and learning from your posts. Will certainly be looking for more of the works of Paul Nash, superb. Completely agree with the last post, it’s nice to be able to breath again in our village. Looking forward to the next post.

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