Fay Godwin The Saxon Shore


Fay Godwin

Some years ago I was visiting relatives in Cornwall. On the wall I noticed a very striking photograph, at the bottom of the print was a signature.  On closer inspection I realised that the image was a piece of work by the late Fay Godwin. The relatives didn’t know who she was or why I was getting excited about the picture. They had been given the photo and although they liked it and knew it had some value, that was really the extent of their interest.

Fay Godwin died in 2005, she was one of the most prominent landscape photographers of the last 50 years. Although she was born in Berlin she spent her last years at Pett Level near Hastings.

In 1983 she published  a series of pictures based on The Saxon Shore Way, from Gravesend to Rye which were published as a book with text by Alan Sillitoe (still available).

The lovely photgraph my relative had inherited came from this series. It is entitled “Large White Cloud near Bilsington”.  And shows a newly harvested wheatfield, with a dramatic and changing skyline. It is one of many beautiful images of our area captured in an unpretentious way by Godwin.

I don’t think the Godwin print at my relatives house will ever fall into my hands. If I,or you want a signed print by Fay Godwin it will set you back around £750.


Large White Cloud Bilsington


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