Banksy at Dymchurch

Summer has arrived,  I’ve just finished teaching my Art Appreciation classes and the weather in Dymchurch  is improving , The classes start again at the begining of October. I’m really pleased that so many  people are now  interested in Art and are flocking to galleries and classes wanting to learn more about art from all periods.

Last week I  put together a lesson about graffiti and specifically Banksy.  It’s amazing how Banksy (whowever he/she/they may be) now has the status of National Treasure.  My theory is that: the British will always love anyone who;

a) gets under the skin of the establishment

b) has a well-developed sense of humour

c) shows a good level of technical skill and “cleverness”

d) has an element of mystery

Banksy has all these qualities. At the end of the lesson,most of my class, perhaps unexpectedly, confessed to being intrigued and full of admiration for the Bristol (?) based wall artist. Some of the class even invested in a copy of “Wall and Piece”, which is a great introduction to Banksy and his work.

Pieces by Banksy appear all over the world, but I’m intrigued by a tiny Rat on a surfboard that has appeared on the seawall at Dymchurch, our very own Banksy?

Just one thing though. Because of the commercial value of Banksy’s, work some people have taken to cutting away entire sections of walls in order to steal his creations. Please don’t try this at Dymchurch or we’ll all end up under 6 metres of seawater….ImageImage


5 thoughts on “Banksy at Dymchurch

  1. Hi Richard the painting is by Richard Eurich it’s one of a few I found by the artist of Dymchurch. I’m getting together a little collection of Dymchurch images by well-known artists.

  2. I’m sure you are correct about the small surfing rat…
    Do you know if anyone (Dymchurch TC?) is making arrangements to protect it from vandalism..?
    Remembering what happened at Dungeness…!

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